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2 Consecutive Wins, 2 Consecutive Gains for the Thunder

March 1, 2010

The Oklahoma City Thunder have aligned themselves back on the winning track, hammering their last two opponents (Minnesota and Toronto) by an average of 18.5 points. The Thunder have been rolling, getting everyone involved it seems over the past two weeks. On Friday, the Thunder had 7 players with 10+ points; on Sunday night, they had 6 with double digits. These two wins have been nice, not only in the sense that they are winning, but also in the sense that they have gained two major things in the process.

One nice surprise, the first major gain, has been the emergence of Serge Ibaka. He has averaged 13.5 points over the past two games coming off the bench for 22 Avg minutes. He has averaged 3 blocks, 6.5 rebounds, and 76.47% field goal shooting percentage in the past 2 games. What should Thunder fans say to all of this? Wow. Presti for choosing him: Wow. Coach Brooks as well as the entire coaching staff for developing him: Wow. Serge Ibaka for listening and continuing to work hard and improve: Wow. He is a very nice player and addition to the team who is missed when absent from the lineup.

Bottom line, the second gain, this team is playing great! I know it has been against weaker opponents or opponents missing their key players, but instead of only winning against the traditionally weaker opponents, they are winning by huge amounts. The maturity I believe they have gained from the 2 losses prior to the 2 latest wins: Do not let anyone have a chance ever. Whereas before I believe they were satisfied with getting a win, they seem to be hungry to DOMINATE their opponents now. That is a huge step and will aid them greatly against tougher opponents by not allowing them to hang around.


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